Engaging Things To Talk About With A Girl

Even though they say that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, striking a meaningful and engaging conversation with a girl is no rocket science. So many men give up on perfect opportunities to approach women because they do not know how to keep a good conversation going.

Having the right conversation topic can make or break the situation, as awkward silences are mood killers. The topic should be such that will encourage the woman to not only respond to you but actively engage in the conversation. It is through a conversation that you get to know each other better and can gauge the future of the relationship.

Before we jump into what to talk to a girl about, let us uncover how a guy must talk to a girl.

You must be courteous and humble while speaking to a girl. Be confident, avoid bragging about yourself and do not try to put an act, girls can see through it immediately. Let the words flow naturally and avoid unnecessary flattery or criticism. Introduce yourself in a way she will not be able to forget you. After the introduction, comes the tough part, what are the things to talk about with a girl? worry not as we have met some basic things you can include in your conversation to make them engaging.

Focus on her – Talk about her likes, dislikes, her best qualities, and what sets her apart from the rest. Make sure you do not come across as someone who is throwing empty compliments but someone who has noticed her enough to make such judgments. Women are better observers than men and the fact that you noticed details about her which other men or she herself might have ignored will really make her feel appreciated.

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Ask her about her dreams, aspirations, fears, and insecurities. However, this might be advisable only if you know her for a while now, or if she has shown interest in sharing personal details about herself with you.

Travel Tales – There are two types of people, those who love to travel and actually go on trips, and those who wish to travel but are unable to go for various reasons. It is applicable to girls as well. The goal is to talk to her more about than just the name of places she has been to or wishes to go to. Ask her about her favorite travel memory. A place she would like to go to if she has no work pressure, responsibilities or care in the world. Girls love to talk about things that fire up their imagination and lighten their mood.

Relationships – Women all over the world are relationship experts, regardless if they are in one or not. Women love to listen to related stories and even come up with solutions to relationship problems. Next time you come across an interesting relationship story, share it with her or slip it in the conversation, you will be amazed by her insight on it.

Do not put in too many expectations and efforts while trying to build a connection with someone through conversations. Chances are she might just not be that into you, and that is okay. You will have to start with building a good rapport and gain her trust before she speaks frankly.

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