Dating In Edinburgh Castle

I remember the first time I saw Antonio like it was yesterday. I was in Edinburgh with my group of friends to see all the beauties that this city has. I had never been before in Edinburgh so all the places that they took me o visit were pure and simply spectacular. I like to travel and I try to do that as often as I can and my luck is that my friends enjoy traveling as much as I do. Do every time we have some spare time we try to discover new destinations, to explore new lands and to do all kind of new things, to try crazy sports and special foods.

In one of the days we were to visit Edinburgh Castle, a former royal residence and also a former military stronghold back in the times. Today it became one of the most popular touristic attraction of Scotland’s, black hair and where hundreds of people come every day to find the history behind it. And there he was. A tall man with black hair and such a beautiful green eyes that paid my attention. He was looking at me and he just smiled. I smiled back. It is not like I came for dating in Edinburgh. And we kept on following the guide that took as to see St. Margaret’s Chapel, the Great Hall, the Half Moon Battery, the Crown Jewels of Scotland, The Stone of Destiny, the O’ Clock Gun and the National War Museum, telling us fascinating stories about the history of each one of the touristic attractions inside the Castle. It was something that I really loved to see and hear about. And each step I took it was impossible for me to not look in the direction of the man with the green eyes who’s look I could feel on me. Each time he smiled at me and without even realizing I started to flirt with him.

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I could tell that he loves history as much as I did so I engage him in a conversation regarding the attractions that he saw since he was in Edinburgh. And we started to talk and by the time we could realize the tour finished and our groups were expecting us to return so that we all could return to our programs. We weren’t quite ready to finish our conversation so we propose to unite the groups and to continue visiting what we had left together as one. And so we did for the rest of the days that were left from our holiday. After long talks, we realized that we were even city neighbors and they were living somewhere at almost 300 km distance from our city so we decided to keep on meeting every time we could. And so did I and my man with green eyes, Antonio.

Only that we started on seeing more often, like every day of the week and now we are the ones that make the plans for what place to visit. Besides that I found my other half while traveling, my group of friends also got bigger and this could not make me happier. Next time, we go to London, after Paris, and the list is still open for more.