Cute Sweet Flirty Texts to Make Your Partner Smile & Blush

Let your partner know what you’re thinking with these cute and flirty texts. Some gently tease while others will make them blush. But they all will bring a smile to their face.

We’re always trying to find small ways to connect amidst our busy lives. A flirty text can be a fun distraction to brighten up the day – just be mindful of avoiding texts at bad times like right before a big meeting.

Send a flirtatious message whenever the mood strikes, although avoid it if you know they have important meetings or presentations coming up. That could be TOO distracting!

Pick something fun that fits your relationship whether you are dating, married, or in a long-term relationship. These subtly suggestive texts let their imagination fill in the blanks, making it all the more fun.

Feeling so fortunate to have a stunning person like you in my life.

Your presence is fueling some quite steamy thoughts over here. 😏

Right now, I’m daydreaming about our kisses and being wrapped in your embrace. 💋

Just thinking about you is making me turn all shades of red…

Yearning to be close to you, closer than ever.

You might be out of sight, but you’re always in my heart.

Had the most incredible dream about you last night.

Just a heads-up: you’re incredibly attractive!

Can’t focus – you and the feelings you evoke are taking over my thoughts. 😏

You have the most amazing hands, you know? 😉

I’ve got a special surprise for you to open tonight. 🎁

Being held by you is my ultimate happy place.

You’re an exceptional kisser – just saying!

How do you manage to look even more attractive every day?

Right now, there’s something else I’d rather be doing…

Mornings are so much brighter waking up beside you.

Watching you sleep brings a peace that’s beyond words.

Sometimes, I just can’t seem to get enough of you…sigh.

You looked absolutely stunning last night!

It’s chilly here, want to come over and heat things up?

Guess what I first thought when I saw you? (Let’s have a fun chat about it!)

I cherish you more than my favorite wine.

romantic and playful scene depicting various elements from a flirty text conversation. The scene includes a heart-shaped pillow with a scent, a bed
the romantic and playful scene depicting various elements from a flirty text conversation. The scene includes a heart-shaped pillow with a scent, a bed

More Flirty Texts:

Can’t wait to see you – it’s making me all excited.

Just the thought of you is firing up my imagination.

Your scent lingers on my pillow, and I love it.

This bed feels so lonely without you.

You have a knack for lighting my fire. 😁

Imagine me softly saying in your ear, “you’re irresistibly sexy.”

How about a long, soothing massage when you get home?

About to hop in the shower – care to join?

Tonight’s going to be special.

My heart’s aflame with desire for you – can’t hold back anymore.

Feeling a bit mischievous today, just a heads up!

Right now, I’m envisioning your hands all over me.

Let’s take a day off and stay cozy in bed together, sounds tempting, right?

Feeling adventurous today, care to join me?

I’m undressing you in my thoughts right now. 😉

How about a lazy, long sleep-in together this weekend?

Can’t wait to feel your touch – it’s driving me wild.

What Can I Text My Boyfriend to Make Him Smile?

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Choose from our collection of cute, flirty texts to make him smile. Of course, select the texts that fit your specific relationship and personalize them as you like.

Adding special memories and experiences to your texts reminds them of your special moments together.

How Can I Make My Boyfriend Feel Special Over Text?

Tell them what you appreciate about them and how they make you feel when you are together. This will make them feel special.

When you send a sweet text or surprise them with a small gift, it shows them that they are on your mind. Who doesn’t love attention from someone they care about? No one!

How Do You Keep a Guy Thinking About You?

Whenever you want your partner to think about you, just remind them! Send a quick text, a FaceTime call, or even a simple emoji or GIF.

Small ways to stay connected make all the difference. Little moments remind them that they are on your mind!

How Do You Make Him Fall in Love With Me Through Text?

Falling in love happens in person. Texting helps keep our connections strong and is great to use, but it can never take the place of being together in person.

Our body language and tone are essential for creating a real bond.

No worries, though. Texting starts the process and also maintains it after you have created a bond.

Want More Ideas for Texting?

Visit our articles below that fit your mood and situation.

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