3 Online Reputation Monitoring Tools That You Cannot Live Without

Have you ever browsed online and come across a bad review? Did you notice that after reading one or two of them, you were suddenly turned off by the brand? 86% of people that read a bad review about a business, product or service hesitate to buy or even inquire with/about it afterwards. Bad reviews online are hurting the bottom line of businesses, maybe yours or that of someone you know. For those that offer products and services to any target market that has an online community, it is essential that they monitor their online reputation. In the era of digital dependance, there is ample opportunity for people to write and publish damaging information about them. Below are free or low-cost tools that businesses cannot live without if they want to be quick and attentive to all content about them online, good and bad:

  1. ReviewTrackers – ReviewTrackers is a paid online reputation monitoring tool that aims to compile customer reviews across up to 80 websites. The system allows you to enter patterns and keywords that help it filter reviews that may be particularly negative allowing businesses to quickly respond and access the situationreputation management
  2. KnowEm – KnowEm is one of the first tools that appeared in the monitoring world and since, has evolve and continues to be one of the leading tools used in the industry. The website allows anyone to enter the name of their business and keyword which scans over 300 social media websites for the keyword providing an instant overview of the good, the bad and the ugly.
  3. ReviewPush – ReviewPush is a paid online reputation monitoring that is equipped with the ability to scan all major social media platforms among smaller ones. Anytime there is customer reviews that are uploaded, business owners can get email notifications so they can react immediately.
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There are many other tools that can be used to help business owners of all sizes and even individuals track their online reputations. While some are paid and some have more advanced features, many do the same basic task: monitor. Online reputation monitoring is becoming a necessary part of social media and tech departments that affect the bottom lines of companies. For more information about online reputation monitoring, visit InternetReputation.Services for insight and tips.