Why Should I Date You?

Taking you into the infamous world of online dating.

There is a new film making some serious buzz in the entertainment and media space.

Why Should I Date You? is using the experiences of online dating to weave a story about the sometimes hilarious and real ordeals women go through when trying to meet others through this modern means. The film follows Taylor Rebels on a quest to find her perfect boyfriend and the comedic chaos that ensues. The story is inspired by real online dating experiences

and how one woman navigates through the variety of characters which one meets through these dating websites.

The independent film also boasts some impressive female talent, having been written, directed, and produced by Brooke Jacoby. Jacoby will also be acting in the film and has an enthusiastic and talented team as accompanying cast and crew. While the story mostly plays off of comedic realities of online dating, with often strange and humorous encounters, it also deals with the realities of harassment that women often face. If you’d like to learn more about the professional and talented team behind this innovative film project and share more information about Why Should I Date You? check out their campaign page!

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