The Dating Guru Launch!

A new service launches for men who need some help when it comes to dating. The Dating Guru, currently operating in Norwich, is offering his book as a free download as well as offering extremely competitive rates for one to one coaching.

“It’s been a lot of effort to get things up and running” says David. I’m pleased to be able to offer my insight to other guys who may be in need of a little help, but might be intimidated by the current coaching services available or think that being coached isn’t for them”.

The Book “The Dating Guru’s Guide to Success” was originally put together to provide an easy to follow, step-by-step guide on the best and most effective way to find love, focusing on the two established avenues of online and speed dating. The book is designed to provide a formula for guys to setup dates including advice relating to their online profile and messaging. In addition, it provides other useful guidance on things like the best times to schedule dates, where they should take place and even more support to keep things moving forward.


 “I’m looking forward to hearing from those guys who find dating difficult. It’s one of those things that a lot of people take for granted and the amount of advice available in relation to dating is sometimes quite overwhelming. I wanted to distil this and apply it to those of us who are serious about forming solid connections with women and are actively looking to find long-term love. The book isn’t a guide for one-night stands or how to seduce women, it’s honest and contains very real methods to navigate through the minefield of dating!

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I’ve a natural drive to provide advice and support and take a collaborative approach with my clients. It’s important that they feel in control and I look to do whatever I can to work around them and their needs. The role of a coach is really to help the individual work through things themselves, setting their own goals to reach success. I help them throughout the process but the individual needs to take the first step by admitting they might need a bit of help. Only then can things improve.

The service is designed to fit around the client and can be tailored to the client’s specific needs. “I noticed that not everyone wants to buy a full dating package costing hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds, especially if it’s only a limited number of areas they feel they need help with. My offering is flexible and designed to fit around the needs and wishes of the client. As such, there is no minimum commitment to the number of coaching sessions, and whilst I’d recommend a regular meeting once a week, to discuss progress and review action points, this only needs to last an hour and can fit around the clients existing life / work commitments”.

Eventually David would like to offer the service via the website with the aim of the client pre-booking their coaching sessions. For the time being though, David can be reached via email at [email protected] or via the website