Sugar Baby Shares Her First Sugar Daddy Dating Experience In Australia

Can you recall everything that happened during your arranged date? Chances are you can, and not for the reasons you would like to remember it for. My first date was with an Australian sugar daddy. What happened?

At the Start of My Sugar Baby Venture

My first sugar daddy came from Sugar Daddy Australia, an Australian sugar daddy website for men who were into the kinky lifestyle. We talked for several weeks, hooked up for dinner and talked endlessly for hours talking about the interests we have and other things. Everything seemed to be normal. After our date and dinner, we went back to his apartment, which was located near a lake with a nice view of the lights.

We talked more, but the conversation took a sexual turn to it. He brought out his bondage collection for me to peek at. Would you believe me if I said nothing happened? We didn’t have sex.

What Happened After That?

I lost track of him after that night. Honestly, as a sugar baby Australia, I think he wasn’t everything I wanted from a sugar daddy. However, a couple of weeks later, I found his profile on a local Australian sugar daddy dating site . It was like fate telling me we had to get back together.


I reached out to him.

We talked for a week – sharing schedules to come up with a good date and time to meet. We got together at his apartment and shared what we both wanted from the experience. He wanted someone that wouldn’t mind getting rough every now and then, offering to pay me $600 for each session we had.

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I turned that offer down, saying I wasn’t a prostitute. I countered back with my own $2,100 a month with about five meeting. He informed me he couldn’t do that. So, I suggested $1,800 a month, which he replied a “yes” to.

What Was The Arrangement?

We stayed in touch and planned the meetings out. Unfortunately, he got sick and could not make one of those meetings. When he got better, I came to him with the intention to ask what he’d like to do about that missed meeting and payment. He became defensive and suggested I was trying to get more money from him.

To say I wasn’t shocked would be a lie. I was!

My sugar daddy told me I needed to find a rich guy that could afford me and my time because he just could not afford it.

After things had cooled down, we talked about the issue and reworked the deal – three meetings for $1000 a month. It wasn’t what I wanted, but I felt it was better than nothing at all.