Letters; everyone needs to send them but not everyone knows how to write them. Letters are written for almost anything. Whether you are writing a letter to talk to tell someone that you love them, or writing a more formal business agreement, it’s important that you format and word the letter properly.

If you aren’t sure about how to properly write a letter then the solution has finally arrived! Lettercrank lets you crank out pre-written letters. The name makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Lettercrank has letter templates for almost any occasion you can think of and everything is neatly organised into different categories. Each main category is further split into several sub-categories.


The basic categories

It gets even better if you sign up for an account. Many of the letters come with autocomplete sections such as names and addresses. You can fill these out on your profile so that you never have to fill them out on a letter.

love letter samples

There are over 400 templates on the website with the number growing each day as new forms are submitted. That’s right; you can write and submit your own forms. There’s currently a cash prize on offer for doing just that. So if you know a thing or two about writing letters and forms you should join up and submit your own. You’ll be helping out other people and could win a great cash prize!


There’s more than just letters here. Do you run a business but find it difficult to write and fill out forms? Maybe you’re thinking about starting a business but all the paperwork is making you think otherwise. If that’s the case then Lettercrank can help you with that too. There’s a plethora of forms on the website from business forms and finance forms to legal documents.

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No matter what form you need or letter you want to send Lettercrank will have a great template you can use. Lettercrank makes everything super simple too. Download the form to finish customising it yourself and print/email it when you’re done. It’s as simple as that. Signing up to an account and filling in a few things in advance lets you save even more time and simplifies an already simple process.

Bye bye pen and paper!
Bye bye pen and paper!

So the next time you need to tell someone you love them, fill out a legal document, or just tell your boyfriend he should stop asking you to go down on him (yes there’s a form for that too) just take a look and search through templates to find the right one for you. It’s bound to be in there somewhere. Let Lettercrank help you say what’s really important.