How To Date A Young Woman

Life dynamics have changed gradually, and the dating segment has undergone significant changes in the last few decades. Older men have developed an unmatched preference to younger women (10, 15, or even 20 years younger) and this resulted in the new tags, “baby” and “daddy”.

However, the age factor is not a big deal; after all, we ought to adjust to new life dynamics. But should this phenomena continue been overlooked? Of Course, a great NO! All the same, difficulties accompany every relationship especially when the age gap tends to be large.

Let’s unlock the core things every older man seeking to date a young woman should put into perspective. Believe me, not, the 3 considerations are your bible to a healthy, happy and more fulfilling relationship with a younger woman.

She is not mature as she may look

The truth of the matter is that no matter how a younger woman is smart, witty or even worldly, by definition she is not mature. Maturity is a product experience; a woman who is younger than you definitely is less experienced in life. So don’t kid yourself that she is really mature for her age despite the gap.

For instance, she may be fresh out of school so she has never weathered a job loss, perhaps heartbreak or another hallmark of adult life. Given these points, your relationship is going to have so many challenges as you try to relate to each other.

Again, she is not well equipped with all the tools needed for a serious relationship and this may not work well for you relationship.

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The power dynamic is skewed

Power dynamic is a phrase acknowledging that power in social relationships can originate from various sources including class, money, age, prestige among others. As a matter of fact, older people command more social power than younger people.

By the same token, men command more power than women. With these points in mind, you are conscious that power will always favor you, so the larger the age gap the more skewed the power dynamic will be in your favor.

However, power dynamics doesn’t necessarily mean that older men younger women should never happen. What it means is that you need to be extremely careful and sensible to decide when the power dynamics are extremely unfavorable for a relationship.

In other words, there is what we call the age of consent laws that help us draw a line between a woman who is too young to date and one who isn’t. So you must draw your own moral line.

She might have unrealistic expectations from you

Typically, when a young woman gets into the box of an older man, she already has some expectations back in her mind some of which may be quite unrealistic. These may include, financial stability, gentlemanliness and mature.

Naturally, men are believed to mature much later than women, so she might assume that guys of her age are immature and directionless and for this reason, she might be looking for someone to offer more stability. That’s not all; she is going to have unlikely expectations from you which you first need to settle before moving to a more serious stage.

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Perhaps, her definition of gentlemanliness is a guy who will always woo her with flowers and chocolates; this may cost you before learning what she really expect you to do for her. Important to note, this topic is a two-way traffic and you might be the one expecting too much from her.

After all, young women also have their own complications. Not until you both get seated and speak out your expectations none of you is an angel to discern what the other wants from you. Let her spill the beans that she is a woman with flaws and insecurities and a Barbie doll who will never burden you with a single emotional need.

Similarly, let her know you are not the type that will always open car doors and order champagne at every restaurant you go. Make her know you are not a weird father figure but a man who she will be dating.

Relationship is all about giving each other companion and living happily. Make sure you master the dos and don’ts when dating a younger woman. With the above points, I believe you got a great starting point.