6 Dating Rules You Should Live By

Whether you are new to dating or have been in the dating scene for quite some time, there are certain rules you need to live by to ensure dating success. This will help steer you in the right direction, avoid disaster and ultimately find your perfect match. So now that the New Year is upon us, here are some rules you need to recommit yourself to.

  1. Don’t be too needy. When in the dating phase, you should avoid acting too needy or you might push the other person away. Independence and confidence are sexy, therefore, don’t show them as if you can’t move or make decisions on your own without them.
  2. Don’t make yourself too available. Now this does not mean that you should play silly dating games. However, you should also not make yourself too available all the time as if you don’t have a life without them. Don’t depend your plans or decisions on them. Continue to live your own life, make your own plans and manage your own time. This is only important so that you can protect your feelings while you are still in these early phases of the relationship. Just spend time with them, reply to their messages and answer their calls whenever you please. And avoid allowing yourself to become emotionally attached to them right away.
  3. Don’t settle. Just because you are dating one person right now does not mean that you have to settle with this person right away. And even if you think you are ready to be in a relationship because you have been single for quite a long time or you just had your heart broken, if you are not happy with this person and not convinced that you have found everything you are looking for in them, then maybe you just really have to wait and find the person that suits you.
  4. You should not stay with a person simply because they seem nice or you are afraid to be alone. Don’t allow yourself to settle in a relationship which you don’t find fulfilling. Find a partner that completes you. You should also be open to meeting new people just like the ones from Ukraine Brides Agency.
  1. Don’t do things you’re not comfortable with. When it comes to dating, it is imperative that you follow your gut feeling and listen to that little voice inside you. If it requires you to compromise to the point of having to do certain things you’re not comfortable doing, then you are not dating the right person. Trust your instincts when it’s telling you there’s something fishy about the one you are dating.
  2. Don’t be easy. While some girls would initiate the conversation or the contact, it’s better if you just let the guys do the rest of the work. Most guys love the challenge of chasing and pursuing girls so you should leave them the task of making the phone calls and inviting you to date nights. Of course, you need to also somehow give them the hint that you are interested and that you enjoy their company.
  3. Don’t try too hard to impress. It is natural to put your best foot forward when you are dating a new person because you want to make a good impression. However, make sure to avoid overdoing it. For instance, when you go out on a date, just dress appropriately and dress just right. Also when it comes to the information you share, you need to filter the things you reveal about your personal life especially during the first couple of dates. Don’t exaggerate things just to impress your date. Remember that less is always more.
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