Why Do Men Pull Away? Written By: Plaurah

Why do men pull away?

· Top 3 reasons why men pull away and how a woman can deal with this situation without putting her relationship in jeopardy

After a long search you have finally found a man you love, are compatible with and you can tell the feeling is mutual. He is making you happy by showering you with love and attention, calling you and generally letting you know you are the woman he wants to be with.

Just when you think you have finally found the one’ out the blue your perfect man starts pulling back from you. This sudden shift gives most women sleepless nights and to most it is downright scary. As women, the first instinct is to fix the situation by taking desperate measures to be closer to him; this leads to asking what’s wrong all the time, calling too much and worrying excessively. This does not help, it mostly backfires as the man feel coerced.Visit: https://helpwithmen.com/

· To help women understand why this happens here are 3 main reasons why men pull away

1. Men withdraw from a relationship when stressed

Unknown to many women stressed men mostly retreat to their man cave’. While women’s first instinct is to talk and seek comfort, men actually have a hard time sharing and pull back so that they can work through their issues alone.

2. Men pull away when a woman is too needy and makes them feel suffocated

Although men enjoy being in relationships, their biggest fear is losing their freedom and getting trapped in a situation with a spouse that drains them emotionally. Most men want to feel desired not needed. Too much neediness sends the message that you are using them to fill an emotional void and cause men to instinctively withdraw. It also sends the message that a woman does not have her own full life.

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3. Men pull away when they are having doubts about a relationship

Having doubts especially when a relationship is starting out or when a relationship is getting deeper is a natural reaction from men. It is not necessarily about the kind of girlfriend’ you have been. Sometimes a man is just afraid of getting fully committed or is unsure if you are the woman he intends to marry. This is a perfectly natural reaction that women should expect from men.

· How can a woman deal with a man who is pulling a way

No matter the reason a man is pulling away, the solution is always the same, a woman should give their man space. Instead of obsessing about the situation and being too needy, a woman should focus on loving themselves and being happy. Just be loving caring and avoid being pushy. The chances are if you are patient your man will come around with time and continue being sweet, attentive and caring as he was in the start.

The secret to knowing whether the distance is temporary is to completely abandon your efforts to bring your man close. Let him come back on his own…I know this seems extremely frightening and counter-intuitive since you don’t want to lose him. However, it is the only way of being sure that your man wants to stay with you.

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