The London Eye

When you think to England the first thing that crosses your mind is more then sure London. It is without any doubt the most known city, where lots of people come to visit it every years. The truth is that here you can lots of things to do and much more to see. Whether you come to London for the first time or you are in town for a certain event, here you will discover a city full of unforgettable landmark and beautiful place to see like British Museum, Tate Modern, National Gallery, Natural History Museum, Imperial War Museum, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Madame Tussauds, National Maritime Museum, Tower of London or The London Eye.

            Even if there are so many bars, restaurants, terraces and pubs, if you are about dating in London, you can take your date also to visit something. Take a coffee to go and visit London Eye for example. Anyone hear about that giant Ferris wheel, from the River Thames, in London. Is one of the greatest touristic attractions of London. It’s the world’s tallest wheel with a height of 135m and a diameter of 120m.  so you can imagine how grand and imposing it can look. So if you enjoy internet dating you can impress your future date with some information and photos about the London Eye and more than sure you will make her so curious that she will accept to go on a date with you. There are many more interesting thing about with. For example, it was opened for the first time for paying public in 9th of March 2000 and since then, millions of people had ridden the London Eyes. For those ones that went for a walk you might have seen that all those capsules are numbered from 1 to 33, but in reality there are only 32 capsules, one of them, the one that had the number 13 being excluded for good luck, as they say. In a capsule can go in 25 people that can easily walk around inside it. Also, for each rotation, London Eye can carry 800 people, that will travel at a speed of 0.6 miles per hour, being a trip for almost 30 minutes.

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            You can understand now why there are so many visitors that come for very long distances so that they can enjoy such a ride of 30 minutes in which they are able to see the entire city, from such a high point of the city. So if you are in town, come and check it out. Or, if you didn’t have it on your list you may add it because is something that you will be happy to experience.

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