Knowing When You’re Winning The Dating Game

In all new relationships going on smoothly, a scary moment eventually enters the picture when that easy-going, happy feeling suddenly turns to deep serious feelings. All of a sudden, those things you have simply taken for granted have become the most important thing in your life! The questions keep spinning around your head. “What are they really thinking”? “How do they truly feel”? “Am I feeling like this all by myself”? Your head is running out of control and you are not sure at all just where you stand in this quandary!

There is no doubt when that ordinary dating relationship suddenly moves on to a higher level. Saying “I love you” instead of “how ya doing”, meeting the parents and the rest of the family, forecasting positive moves in your head, and firming up those future plans inside your brain! But as you are treading this path, there are a few things you can watch out for that will help tip you off that this is indeed something totally real!

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1. At Their Place, You Keep Stuff

It might begin with a hair brush and a tooth brush, when all of a sudden there are some clothes and various other grooming materials occupying a drawer or two!

2. Each Other’s Deodorant Is Freely Shared

When it gets to the point that you don’t mind sharing armpit germs with someone, you really are feeling very comfortable with them!

3. When You First Wake Up, You Are Not Stressed Out With How You Look

Or about hooking up without a bikini wax, or having food stuck in your teeth, or whatever! You know and fully get the fact that you are indeed hot!

4. Planning For Your Future

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It is super exciting when you and your partner make that first trip together and also when you realize and understand that this is going to be the first of many to come!

5. You Have Formulated A Bedtime Routine

Having certain sleeping positions, designated sides of the bed, who gets up to get both of you a glass of water, who turns the TV off and all these other important considerations are indications that this relationship is truly going somewhere. And when that decision has been made that you have to sleep together and never apart again, you really have this thing going where it is you want it to!

6. Know How To Make That Favorite Food That You Love

And if you don’t, make sure you have that telephone number where you can order it when you need it!

7. On Social Media You Have Pictures Together

You are now ready to show the whole planet that the two of you are happy as can be and enjoying every minute of your life so they can eat their hearts out! The truth of the matter is that if you are confident enough to take this step, you are really going somewhere with this relationship!

8. In Your Seamless Account Their Address Is The Default

Hey, what’s Better than ordering that Pizza to your significant others house on a Friday night! The only thing you have to be careful with is should you guys break up and then in a month or so that pizza gets delivered to your ex – you will have an awful lot of explaining to do!

9. Without A Second Thought, Their Doorman Welcomes You In

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If you are there so much that the doorman smiles and just lets you in, you know this is something serious going on. And you get even more special points if you are having any of your packages delivered there instead of back in your walkup!

10. The Sex You Have Is So Good

The truth of the matter is that the very best sex you ever can have is with that person who knows and understands your body and just what it is that you like to do in bed. It’s a great time when you get to know what they want and aren’t afraid to tell them exactly what it is that you want!

11. It’s Not Instantly Sex When You Sleepover

When you have gotten to that point when you sleepover and you just aren’t feeling up to having any crazy sex and you can share that and simply get a good nights rest, you truly have gotten to another place in your relationship.

12. You Have Had A Terrible Fight And Survived It

If that time comes when the gloves come off and you engage in a huge battle and when it is all over, you are still together and still want to be a pair, you truly have reached a new point in your relationship.

13. Those Most Embarrassing Moments You Share With Each Other

And these are the “real mccoys” not those phony tales you tell some people just to get a few laughs now and then. No, here you are sharing those true things that still make you cringe inside when you think about them yourself!

14. At Their Place You Get Ready

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Because the real thing happening here is that they are getting to see the “real” you, just as you are. Willingness to do that takes a lot of courage and if you are willing to do so, that truly is saying something!

15. You Are On Top Of Each Others Schedules

This is another big step because you are acknowledging that there is “us” time and “me” time and respecting that truly means a lot and involves a big step forward in the trust department. In addition, it is also a big step forward in the respect department as well.

16. You Have Come Up With Nicknames For Each Other

This may not at first seem like such a big thing, but the truth is that it really is because it again goes back to that ever-building trust factor. If you can be comfortable being called by a pet nickname by that special person, you have taken another giant step towards each other.

17. Silences Are No Longer An Awkward Feeling

Very often, when a relationship is just getting under way, there is a tendency to not have any of those silent moments and there is an effort to keep the conversation going. When you have reached that level of closeness when silent times are not a negative, again you have gotten to a special place.

18. All Your Old Dating Apps Have Been Deleted

This is the place you want to be. You and your partner are there for each other and the world is truly a special place again! Who knows, marriage may be around the corner and I know you’ve been looking forward to going to or setting up a wedding, haven’t you?

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