How To Choose A Sex Doll?

The stigma surrounding love plaything is disappearing and therefore of this, the sex doll industry is flourishing. You will find more options to choose from than ever before, and making the right choice between all the various types of sex dolls can be a rather trial.

Dolls come in absolutely all shapes and forms. Starting from realistic life-size sex dolls weighing over 40 kg all the way to mini sex dolls, some of which are actually tiny and lightweight. For making matters even more confusing, sex toy manufacturers also have began to sell sex girl doll torsos. For a small fraction of the price of a full-size doll, you can purchase just the silicone ass of a premium doll!

Sex girl doll

This is what a sex doll body seems like. No face, no body, only a succulent ass…

Obviously, each of these different types of has their own advantages and cons, but I actually will try to hide all of it during this section of the guide. Let’s start by examining three main characteristics of sex dolls which arranged them apart from each other: the material, size (weight), and the high cost.


The two primary materials which high-quality sex plaything tend to be made of are:

Thermoplastic Elastomer (or TPE, as it is commonly known as)


There are also many other materials, such as latex and CyberSkin, but when it comes to premium sex dolls, TPE and Silicone are the two main players in the game. Each of the two has their advantages and disadvantages, and comparing the two materials in depth deserves a full-length article by itself.

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To put it simply, TPE’s main advantages are that it’s cheap and soft to the touch. If you need a very soft body for your doll, then you might want to consider a TPE sex toy. However, silicone undoubtedly has its own advantages. First of all, silicone is more heat resistant and can handle hot baths. Second, silicone is more durable and rip as easily as TPE. And, finally, we have discovered the skin of silicone sex dolls to feel noticeably more reasonable than TPE.

But, there really is no “right” or “wrong” here. Unless of course you have experience with one of the materials already, I would suggest that you don’t pay too much focus on comparing the two. Simply get a doll which has attractive features to you, and don’t get too stuck on the material choosing process (I DO advise you to go with one of the two, though – TPE or Silicone, as the alternatives often be rather underwhelming).

Size & Weight

Secondly, you should decide on the size and weight of the doll you want to purchase.

As I described before, there are mini and full-size versions of sex dolls. There is absolutely no international standard for when the size of a doll helps it be a “mini doll”, typically they tend to be lower than 100 centimeter tall (~39 inches). Mini dolls a few of my favorites, because they are quite simple to position around the house, and they permit unique positions.

Some of the life-size sex dolls in my collection weigh well over 40 kg (~90 pounds) and because of the, they require considerable strength and energy to move around. It is crucial that you take into concern your physical strength and energy before purchasing such heavyweight sex doll models. Great doll may well not seem to be like a major deal at first glance. Nevertheless, it will most certainly be a major deal when you have a myocardial infarction while fucking your sex doll because you used 110% of your energy moving the one thing around.

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Unless you are extremely confident in your physical capabilities, we recommend you to stay below the 40 kg mark. This rules out a number of the JSDOLLS models, but I actually stand by my suggestion. If you are making your first purchase, do not go with the largest dolls in the industry. Dolls in the 30 kg – 40 kilogram weight range are a good balance between realistic look and comfortableness, so they are a far better suit for first-timers.

Concerning the height of your love doll, you should take into consideration how much space for storage space you will have available for your doll. Mini sex dolls under 100 cm are much much easier to hide and store, if you don’t have gain access to to a convenient keeping solution like a special cabinet, then it might be considered a good idea to go mini. Nevertheless, if you have enough room in your house to dedicate a unique location to your doll (or if you are comfortable with your doll always being in bed with you), then a full-sized doll is most definitely worth a consideration.

Generally, we still have to saywe favor life-size sex dolls. They have a tendency to look absolutely stunning and during sex with a full-sized doll, it is much easier to forget that you are fucking a sex toy rather than a real girl.

How Much is a Sex Doll ?

How much a sex doll costs varies very highly from model to model, but a high-end sex girl doll including the Sex dolls  will run you $6000+. Some Navigate Industry dolls even cost up to $9000. Mid-range sex dolls are usually in the $2000 area, and you may find cheap plaything even in the 500 usd area. Just how much a sex doll OUGHT TO cost is largely reliant on your finances. Several sex doll stores offer financing options, but use them only if you are sure you are capable of paying them off.

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