Harsh Realities Of Online Dating

In this day and age of information technology, online dating has become a popular source for the people to meet their soul mates or to have short, casual and friends-with-benefits kind of relationships. The internet has turned the entire world into a global village and the online dating is at the heart of it. The trend has greatly risen especially in the United States where the American singles are deep in the online dating. Several dating sites review websites are solely exist for this purpose.

The notion of finding anybody in the world with just a single click may seem pretty attractive, but online dating comes with its own harsh realities which are not known to everyone out there. Here are some of those realities of online dating.

Most of the Profiles are Inactive

Online dating websites may throw some pretty astounding statistical figures at you, which may sound like 10 million members or so, but the truth is that they are just throwing shovelful statistical garbage at you. On almost all of the online dating websites, most of the profiles of the users are inactive and are just sitting there to raise the statistical values of that website. You might find a pretty hot guy/girl and send him/her a text. If there’s no reply, don’t be embarrassed or depressed because that profile is not being used by anyone.


Scams have become a way of life for a lot of people. They will try their hand at you at every opportunity they might get. Sadly, even the online dating is not safe from the scandalous and scamming activities. There are pretty sketchy people out there and the dating websites can’t touch them since they just their simple members. People make you to get comfortable with them and then they blackmail you using that very information you entrusted them with. It’s another unfortunate reality of online dating.

Wrong Person

So a notion has spread that if you are too busy with your life or too lazy to lift even a finger for online dating, just somebody to do all the dating things for you. You actually find someone who’s good looking and smart and you decide to stick with that special someone. You start to think that maybe this is the ONE. Then you go out with each other and meet him and it hits you. Why is his/her humor not the same or his of talking or thinking? If that’s the case, you’ve been flirting around with a whole other person which was hired by your special one. You totally get douched in such situations.

It Makes You Shallow

Online dating websites provide you with an arsenal of possible dates and users start to think that having too many choices is a lot better than having too few. The psychologists call this thing a paradox of choice where the user gets overwhelmed by having too many choices and starts to focus on the superficial differences which becomes the reason for your amazing transformation into an ultimate disaster. Surprised? Well, that’s just how it works.