Come Up With A Comfortable Sugar Baby Allowance

The main reason to be a sugar baby is to earn some money, so before you start a sugar daddy relationship, it’s important to consider how you would come up with your sugar baby allowance.

Allowances – this is what sugar babies rely on to meet their needs and wants. However, a sugar baby often wonders what the typical allowance average is. Should they ask for hundreds of dollars or thousands each time they get together? How much money is right from a sugar daddy?

Read the instructions below, and you will get to know the reasonable sugar baby allowance you ask.

Look At The Average

$3,500 is the average Sugar Baby allowance. This amount will also depend on two things – location and lifestyle. Also, sugar daddies often buy their lovely sugar babies other gifts and nice things, these expensive objects should also be valued, but it doesn’t have effect on your allowance, gifts should be valued but cannot be taken account into sugar baby allowance. Cities that have a higher cost of living will often result in a higher allowance. The allowance can come in the form of cash, gifts, bills, tuition, etc. Although $3,500 is the average, it doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically get this. This is what you need to negotiate on.

How Much Should You Ask For?

There are all kinds of variables at play – sugar daddy’s generosity, your connection to the sugar daddy, the people involved and circumstances. Keep in mind that the net worth of a sugar daddy could be tied into assets. It’s always best to ask for an allowance that he can afford paying and he doesn’t mind spending. Just talking several times will give you a minimum allowance amount, but they don’t paint the whole picture.

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Be Realistic

Many sugar babies have unrealistic expectations about the sugar dating world. It’s important that have a firm grip on reality and know that you can’t believe everything you see and read on social media. Avoid the stereotypical information because many of these “sugar babies” are actually escorts. Real sugar babies are working toward a goal and don’t spend time on social media.

What Is Your Worth?

Ask yourself how much you’re worth if you’re younger, a virgin or whatever. Money should not dictate your self-worth. The best thing to do is focus on an allowance that allows you to meet your goals. Keep a minimum in mind and negotiate around that. If you only need a particular amount each month – say $2,000 – then ask for it. Always have confidence in yourself, and measure how much you need.

Dealing With Common Offers

Sugar daddies tend to be quite successful business owners or professionals that lack a playtime for him. Well-paid folks are unable to have a high lifestyle, which means they may not be able to deal with their sugar baby’s high standards. The majority of allowance offers are based on a sugar baby’s needs. Don’t think the allowance is your lottery ticket – you’ll still need to continue working.

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